16 and 24 passenger balloons for big groups

For special pricing and payment conditions
inquire by email: info@orobalionai.lt
or by phone +370 650 26468

Hot Air Lines team manages two biggest hot air balloons in Lithuania and the Baltic States. One of them carries 16 and the second - 24 passengers at a time. If you have a significant personal or corporate celebration planned, our service is what you have been looking for. With the help of two smaller hot air balloons we accept the groups comprising of up to 52 people. If needed, there is a possibility to organize flight for even larger groups.

If you want to organize a flight for 12 or more people, Hot Air Lines will offer you a special service and competitive prices. The standard package includes one hour of a flight and the first flight ceremony with diplomas and sparkling wine.

This flight is your event to tailor. There is a possibility to have a pilot-instructor Vytautas Samarinas sharing his experience and the best moments of his ballooning career and the flights in Europe, the Americas or Africa.


Everyone seeking to take a part in the preparation of a hot air balloon will be instructed and trained accordingly by the experienced team! During a flight all participants are insured by the aviation insurance.

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