• Is it cold above when flying in a hot air balloon?
    When taking a hot air balloon ride we recommend to dress so that you are not cold on the ground. The balloons fly at a wind speed, i.e. along with the wind. Therefore the wind is usually imperceptible in the balloon basket. Besides, the heat comes from the hot air balloon burners in operation.
  • At what age children are allowed to fly in a hot air balloon?
    Orobalionai.lt flies children over the age of 7 and not shorter than 120 cm (escorted by one adult).
  • At what time does the flight take place?
    In spring, summer and early autumn the hot-air balloon flights normally take place early in the morning (1-2 hours after the sunrise), and in the evening, 1-2 hours prior to the sunset: between 5-8 AM and 6-9 PM.
  • Where do the balloons take off from?
    Any sufficiently large and wind-protected area or meadow may serve as a launch field for a hot-air balloon flight. In Vilnius we take off from the Vingis Park, Valakampiai, barbacan, near the White Bridge and Pučkorių outcrop. Flights in Kaunas are launched from Nemunas Island, Pažaislis or Aleksotas. We can also arrive to the destination of your choice anywhere in Lithuania.
  • How, after the flight, to get back to the launching pad from the landing site?
    A flying hot-air balloon is always escorted by a chase car. After landing the car picks up passengers and returns them and the balloon to the launching pad.
  • What restrictions are applied to the passengers during the flight?
    It is forbidden to smoke in a basket and within the radius of 10 meters from the envelope, basket and the trailer. It is not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages during the flight or to fly drunken. None of the passengers is allowed to use sharp and glass objects.
  • Where do the hot-air balloons land?
    As the hot-air balloon flights are possible downwind only, it is difficult to establish a precise flight course and to plan the landing site; therefore, the landing usually takes place in a meadow with a convenient approach. However, by selecting a proper launching place, you may fly over the Trakai Castle, the Old Town rooftops or any another object of your own choice.
  • How to dress for a flight?
    It is highly recommended to wear cotton clothes covering the whole body. During a flight burners will heat up the space, so grab a sun hat or cap with you. Do not forget that passengers wearing high-heel shoes are not allowed to board a hot air balloon. The most comfortable footwear is trainers and boots.
  • How long does the flight and the whole entertainment take?
    It takes 20-30 minutes for the pilots to get the hot-air balloon ready for the flight. The flight normally lasts for about 1 hour, and the whole entertainment – 4 hours.
  • What is the altitude?
    The altitude of the hot-air balloons in Vilnius and other major Lithuanian cities is regulated by the Air Traffic Control Service (airport tower). The flight altitude can vary from 200 to 1500 meters. In other locations in Lithuania, where there are no nearby airports, the pilots may choose the altitude at their own discretion: the flight is possible in one meter’s and one kilometre’s height.
  • When does the flying season begin and end?
    The flying season runs from 30 April to 1 October.
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