Information for passengers

In spring, summer and early autumn hot-air balloon flights normally take place early in the morning (1 or 2 hours after the sunrise), and in the evening, 1 or 2 hours prior to the sunset, between 5 to 8 AM and 6 to 9 PM.
Any sufficiently large and wind-protected area or meadow can serve as a launch field for a hot-air balloon flight. In Vilnius we take off from the Vingis Park, Valakampiai, Barbacan, near the White Bridge and Pučkorių outcrop. Flights in Kaunas are launched from Nemunas Island, Pažaislis and Aleksotas. We can also arrive to the location of your choice anywhere in Lithuania.
As the hot-air balloon flights are possible downwind only, it is difficult to establish a precise flight course and to plan the landing site; therefore, the landing usually takes place in a meadow with a convenient approach. However, by selecting a proper launching place, you can fly over the Trakai Castle, the Old Town rooftops or any another object of your own choice.
A hot-air balloon is prepared for the flight within 20-30 minutes. The flight normally lasts for about 1 hour, and the flight altitude can vary from 1 to 1000 meters, or even higher. A clear sky is not a necessary precondition for the flight to take place. The key condition is a weak low altitude wind (up to 20 km/h), and the absence of the rainfall. Hot-air balloon flights do take place in wintertime as well!
The elevation and descent (touch-down) speed of a hot-air balloon is rather slow; therefore, you will not experience unpleasant sensations which normally bother you in plane. The speed and flight direction are equal to wind speed and direction. Therefore, the pleasure of flying in a hot-air balloon is accessible both to children and to elderly people.
A flying hot-air balloon is always escorted by a chase car, which after the landing picks up passengers and returns them and the balloon to the launching site. Persons undertaking a hot-air balloon flight for the first time are ordained into the balloonist ranks by the crew and granted the first flight certificates.
Air balloon flight
The flight with air-balloon requires a minimal physical readiness as well as is compared to any other sport branch. If you feel good and are fully prepared, you can actively get involved in the procedure for inflating and packing the balloon. However, if you are suffering from a heart disease, the blood circulation is insufficient, you went through surgery recently, etc., it is highly recommended that prior to the flight departure you consulted your physician and informed the pilot about your health condition. Persons under 16 are not allowed to take flight alone; they must be accompanied by adults. In addition, children lower than 1.10 m are not permitted to fly.
General requirements
It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the basket of a hot-air balloon and within 10 meter distance from the envelope, basket and trailer of the hot-air balloon.
It is strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages immediately prior to and during a hot-air balloon flight.
It is strictly forbidden to use sharp objects and objects made out of glass during the flight.
The most appropriate clothing for the flight is cotton clothing covering the whole body. It is advisable that you take with you a hat or a sun cap.
Footwear should be made of tough material (preferably boots). High-heel shoes are not a suitable footwear!
Safety of photo, video and other personal use equipment is the responsibility of the passengers themselves. The pilot shall not be responsible for the things that passengers take with them to the flight.
Prior and during the flight:
Enter the basket only upon the permission of the pilot.
Do not touch and do not hold on to the envelope valve and other ropes as well as the fuel supply hoses.
Do not throw any things out of the basket of the flying hot-air balloon.
Do not sit on the edges of the basket and on the top of gas balloons.
 At the time of landing:
Follow the direction of flight in order to feel the contact of the balloon with the ground.
Both hands hold on to the special ropes provided for this purpose inside the basket.
Bend your legs, but make sure you do not bend them too much!
Listen to the pilot’s instructions.
Remember, that the basket may tip over at the time of landing.
Your good mood and strict observance of a necessary discipline will definitely contribute to making this flight an unforgettable and wonderful adventure. We would like to remind you that here you shall not experience unpleasant feelings encountered in the plane flights. Both children and elderly people will be able to enjoy this hot-air balloon flight.
 The pilot will readily respond to any of questions you may have regarding a hot-air balloon flight.
You may download the guide here.
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