Hot air balloons as the means of advertising
We, as the representatives of “Cameron Balloons”, the world’s largest manufacturer of hot-air balloons, own one of the largest fleets of promotional balloons in Lithuania. With a total of seven hot-air balloons we are planning to run up to 4,000 flights during this year. We organise and implement advertising campaigns with hot-air balloons and provide consultations concerning placements of advertisements on hot-air balloons. We sell new balloons and act as brokers in finding used hot-air balloons for purchase. We also offer technical inspection services and independent assessment of hot-air balloons as well as all other hot-air balloon maintenance services.

Our clients

Our newest advertising projects include the aircraft Gariūnai, the largest hot-air balloon in the Baltic states which accommodates up to sixteen passengers, the ACTIVUS special shape hor air balloon belonging to Kaunas grain group (Lith. Kauno grūdų įmonių grupė) and the aircraft bearing the Rhenus logistics trademark.
 Why is it worth advertising on air balloons?
• This highly visible advertising placement attracts all people’s attention.
• Such an advertisement raises good associations only.
• Hot air balloon can become a key element of a promotional campaign.
• Hot air balloon flights can become an exclusive form of entertainment for you and your VIP guests as well as be the main attraction during the company celebrations or presentations.
• Air balloon flight is an excellent prize of loyalty programs or lottery.
• Such a promotion can be used in new markets (Latvia, Estonia, Poland) excluding significant additional costs.
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